7/23/17 Update

Hello everyone! I hope summer is treating you well. I wanted to post this update for the various projects.

5-3/4” Build status – Finishing up the spools now. Parts are running off as I type this. Still need to finish a few internal parts, but I expect these reels to start shipping in 3-4 weeks and sooner for a few specific builds I overcommitted on delivery date.

5” DeMarco & 5” Biohazard – Material finally showed up for the next 100. Will start running as soon as I complete the past due orders on the 5-3/4” Build. This run is sold out except for reels that may naturally fail to meet specific custom orders. Feel free to contact me if you wish to be notified of any that become available as I expect that some will.

Mykiss – One minor engineering task needs completed on the hub then this reel is ready to move on to production. I will post final run details on the Mykiss by mid August.